• Metal Mesh Laminated Glass Is Safety Wired Glass?

    Metal mesh laminated glass is a kind of laminated glass which has a grid or precision fine wire mesh in the glass. Based on its good fire-resistance capacity, wired glass was started used in the US , and it is designed to withstand both heat and hose streams. This makes the wired glass is firstly...
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  • The Difference Between Flexible Metal Mesh Facades & Crimped Woven Wire Mesh Facades

    Many customers are asking about the difference between flexible Metal Mesh facade cladding  & Crimped Woven Wire Mesh facade cladding . In fact, the two types of metal wire mesh are basically the same in terms of function. They are generally used in exterior wall cladding or interior decorati...
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  • The Advantages of Metal Mesh Ceiling

    Suspended ceiling metal mesh, also called decorative metal wire mesh (woven wire mesh) is made of metal rod or metal cable, with different fabric pattern on the surface, the metal mesh ceiling gets both functional & decoration effect. Based on different weaving methods, the style of metal mes...
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